Seakeeping CFD simulations in regular and irregular waves with arbitrary heading

  • What is the required grid and time step size for a given wave field and heading?
  • How many encounter periods do you need to achieve statistically relevant data?
  • How many nonlinear iterations per time-step do you need in order to achieve good accuracy?
  • How to estimate numerical uncertainty?

These are all questions we know answers to!

This was a result of the thorough verification and validation before, during and after the Tokyo 2015 Workshop where we certified our code. We were the only group that performed grid sensitivity study for all seakeeping cases!

Check out these references to see how accurate, fast and robust our methodology really is.

What do we need from you for seakeeping simulations?

  • CAD file
  • Forward speed of the ship and heading
  • Mass properties of the ship (COG, mass, moments of inertia)
  • Definition of the wave field:
    • Regular wave given by wave height and wave length (or wave period)
    • Sea state given by any of the wave spectra

What can we calculate for you?

  • Added resistance in waves
  • Motions and accelerations at certain critical locations
  • . . . something else? Contact us at:
We can calculate added resistance transfer function in a matter of days.