How can we deliver the results in such a short time?

Our workflow is naturally divided into three parts:
  1. Meshing. We have fully automatic meshing scripts that have been specifically designed for marine hydrodynamic simulations with a resolved free surface.
  2. Pre-processing and simulation. We have optimised our solvers and meshing strategies to an extent where we can get convergence of calm water resistance, sinkage and trim in 400 nonlinear iterations.
  3. Post-processing and report. We will not overwhelm you with colourful pictures. Rather, we understand your needs as a naval architect and include the following items in the report:
    • Friction, pressure and total resistance coefficients
    • Effective power
    • Sinkage and trim
    • Wake field at the propeller plane in ITTC standardised form
Bow mesh detail for a VLCC.
Iso-contours of wake fraction at the propeller plane.